Shar's Apocalypse

Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave
Part I: Mercenaries of the Fire Knives

Pilot Session December 30, 2008, 2 pm – December 31, 2008, 2:30 am. Birch Tree Lane. Adrian, Aria, Erundur, Silver

Ye 4 mercenaries became employed by the Fire Knives of Cormyr, a secret society of traitorous nobles. The 3rd Father of Assassins sent you to a secret hideout in Suzail for details of your mission. The Fire Knives, you were informed, were attempting to recapture a magical ring (with a bluish aura and lightning engraving), purported to be in the recent possession of Wheloonian Mystrans. Sir Fezayin Cormaeril was to lead you.

Fezayin disappeared for a few days to gather intelligence, and you spent some time in the town pursuing your interests. Aria danced with some children to the frolicking of magical butterflies. Erundur inspected the local bookstore. Silver coerced the Lantern Inn barkeep to reveal the location of the new Mystran temple and his attitudes toward it. Aria and Adrian disguised themselves as convincing local peasants and tried to gather information from the nearby Chauntean grove.

Aria and Erundur then did some overt scouting of the temple, while Silver and Adrian quietly searched the grounds. The next night, they met with a wild-eyed Mystran cleric named Tunaster who claimed he was assaulted by the Mystrans while visiting their new temple.

The crew moved quickly. Night-time infiltration was successful. The outer guards were taken out with precision and skill. One priest saw them, however, evoked an alarm and tried to open the main gates for the other guards. Erundur’s sealed the gates, while the inner temple rushed out, then retreated. A full cleansing of the upper floors commenced – to include shadowed warriors and a cleric. Adrian conjured darkness to hide your silhouettes against the night sky. Stealthy battle ensued, in which two archers were dropped by magic and by knife before they knew they were in danger. The Mystran cleric’s spells took a toll, but he was defeated after being surrounded.

Found an altar, and a minor artifact secreted within. Moved to lower levels and discovered temple to be a facade for the abominable Shar. More guards were dispatched, but a dark earth elemental nearly broke you. Only solving a puzzle on a construct (which turned out to be friendly), and beating it down with urns, chairs, tables and heavy, thrown statues defeated it.

Moved into inner sanctum, tripped another alarm, and wearily prepared for another battle. The high priestess, three displacer serpents and 2 final, shadowy guards proved a difficult and varied foe. But between Adrian’s eldritch blasts, Aria’s magic-hand-wielded rapier, Erundur’s footwork and Silver’s humorous, diversionary sneak attacks, you won the night. Pillaged treasures of the Sharran temple. Discovered dark, cold portal, tangled with a watery aberration, and sent it and the local boatmaster fleeing.

Aria met with Tunaster on his way out of town. Surrendered the Starry Gnosis to the real temple of Mystra via him.

Session end: You have to wait another three days to contact Sir Cormaeril. Debate concerning full disclosure of captured items. You finally decide to reveal everything save a gnome skull with silver plating.


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